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This was an interview from last season (2012) with Paula from Holiday World. You’ll noticed that I have asked about Bluegrass Boardwalk (Kentucky Kingdom) because at the time that was the big story, the family is no longer affiliated with that park or project.

Why did the Park choose to add a second water coaster?
Wildebeest was a huge success and wildly popular. Unfortunately, that meant long lines. We knew we needed to find a way to add water coaster to Splashin’ Safari, but with a different twist. Mammoth is longer and has round boats, which creates a new ride experience (you may end up riding backwards!). Capacity is much higher on Mammoth, so we hope the lines will be shorter and move faster.

What do guest mainly look forward to when visiting the park?

We’re hearing a lot of excitement about Mammoth. And our guests love Voyage! They also enjoy our clean, friendly atmosphere – and the free soft drinks!

Why should families come this year? Whats new?
Mammoth water coaster – the world’s largest! Also, Sparkler, a vertical swing ride.

Who runs the FB Page for the park?
I do.

What happens when the park closes for the winter?
We stay very busy, planning for future seasons. It’s amazing how busy we are!

What was the first coaster added to the park?
Raven was our first big coaster; it was added in 1995.

Will we be seeing any new coasters in the near future?
We’ll see …

Will any new food options be offered this year? Yes. Philly Steak & Cheese sandwiches, Broccoli Salad, and Walking Tacos, to name a few.

Why did the park choose to add another park?
Why do parents have a second child? We love the first one so much, we’d love another!

What can be expected from the New Halloween weekends event? (If you can share anything) Family-fun. Corn maze, trick-or-treating, face-painting, special entertainment and more!

What can you tell us about Bluegrass Boardwalk? (If anything)
We’re still working on the next steps.

In your Option, What Makes Holiday World Unique?

We’re family-owned and –operated in a tiny town called Santa Claus.

How long have you been with the park? 20 years

What is your favorite part of the job?
Lining up media coverage, such as the Travel Channel. I like blogging and social media a lot, too.

If you had to save one ride – What would it be?
Not going there – not a chance!



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